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Is your process data restricted to the plant floor?

Posted by Jess Christie on Sep 21, 2018 3:19:52 PM

According to a research study conducted by IFS, access to production data is still primarily limited to the plant floor, with most respondents saying access to their data was limited to those using the process automation system or supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.

The use of read-only web based HMIs are emerging as a cost-effective tool for getting operational intelligence into the hands of both corporate executives and plant management. Available with no additional IT, staffing or infrastructure requirements, it’s becoming seen as an economical way to extract valuable insights and distribute them across your organisation.

Would your management team benefit from quick and easy browser access to your key KPIs and process data?

In order to make full, strategic use of the production data, it must reach beyond the plant floor. Manufacturers need to ensure that these insights are not consumed solely by individuals closest to the machine in question on the plant floor, but by senior management and line managers who can act on or analyse this data to support decision making.

In order to do this, a plant must have a Historian of some sort, data analytics software and preferably a web based portal to view the data on… this sounds like it would make for a lot of implementation work, but many people have the necessary infrastructure in place already and simply need to upgrade their current systems.

Right device, Right time

The development of software functionality, across most aspects of a plant floor, means that you now have the ability to use your production data to provide the right people with actionable insights - on the right device, at the right time.

With an increasingly mobile workforce, demanding access to real-time information ‘on the go’, the need to enable people to view data and KPIs on mobile devices is increasing… this is where Wonderware InTouch and its web based client come in to play.

For more information on the latest features of Wonderware InTouch, System Platform 2017 and also the developments within our Industrial Information Management portfolio, register for our live webinar: Digitally Modelling your Operations Assets with System Platform 2017.